Geri White
Geri was made a member of the Board Of Directors because of her many years of knowledge about Eta's and all things Elvis. Geri's judgement in picking new members is outstanding.

Andy Page
Andy page is highly respected in the entertainment industry, Andy is a promoter and manager for many Elvis Tribute Artists, and other great stars in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Larry J. Larcombe Sr.
Owner and senior member of The International Eta Hall Of Fame and also Eta Live Productions. I was also a backup and harmony singer for a show called "An Evening with Elvis"...
We as the Board Of Directors organized this ( The International Eta Hall Of Fame ) for the sole purpose of showing recognition to a deserving Elvis Tribute Artist [Eta].
The tribute artist is picked "having met all requirements" set forth by the Board of Directors. Once the artist is picked he will be made an honored member. There are many new and exciting thing in the works.