The International Eta Hall of Fame would like to make you an Honorary Member. The qualifications are as follows, 1. Must be a Close friend or relative to Elvis himself. 2. Members of his concert band or singers that are still around. 3. Star's and or actors that have worked with Elvis on TV or in one of the Movies he made.
Other honorary member that qualify are Eta's that have been in the business a long time and worked with Elvis, and special Eta's.

Sherman Arnold has been an Eta for over 60 years, Sherman started Late 50's and is still active today. Sherman was doing Elvis when most of todays Eta's were still using sippy cups.

Trevor G. Lemon Is a great Eta dispite the fact that he works with disabilitys. Jim Brown his great Eta friend and mentor does everything he can to help Trevor grow as an Eta.

Carlo Martini Carlo has had a very colorful career. Carlo has worked with many top named stars such as , Ann Margaret, Sammy davis Jr., Eddy Arnold, and many many more....