International ETA Hall Of Fame

Official form for membership consideration

Complete this Member consideration form and email it to the board along with a link to one of your videos and a few pictures, Email all to Larry Larcombe at and it will be forwarded to all board members. There will be a phone interview as part of the process so please enter your mailing address, contact phone, email, website and, or Facebook Page in the space provided:________________________________________________________________________________________


1)Quality of vocal and physical performance and honoring the music, style and spirit of Elvis. Validated, not limited or exclusive to following: Concert videos, professional CD Competition awards (positive but not a requirement) Audience Reactions. List below al awards, Name of a CD you have made, this will give the board more to judge on._____________________________________________________________________________________________


2)Longevity. At least 25 years of experience as Elvis Tribute Artist. Positive Reputation.

No# of years an an ETA________

3)Humanitarian and Charity work:

Give Example:______________________________________________________________________

4)Keeping memory of Elvis alive in positive light.

The integrity of Elvis’s artistry (compelling but not vulgar; fun but not mocking, honest not a caricature)

5)Authenticity of appearance: Send the best picture you have

6)Military experience:No# of years in service and Branch:___________________

7)Spirituality reflected in life and performance. Do you perform Elvis Gospel.: Yes Or No:_________

8)Global reputation or affect (again, positive representation)

9)Special considerations: If you feel that you have anything that might help your chances to become a member: Considerations:___________________________________________________________________

Upon the review of the entire Board Of Directors which consists of Doug Church, Mark Shelton, Andy Page, an Lawrence Larcombe a decision will be made and the new member notified, Thank you.

I will send you the official application Print the applicaton, fill it out. If you have a scanner send it back by email along with pictures and a video link. Send it to Larry Larcombe at No scanner them email me for different instructions. Please Click the link below.

Contact Larry Larcombe Sr. on Facebook will send the application to you!!